Development and Construction all under one roof.

Oben Build is a next generation construction management company that owners can entrust to successfully develop their building projects with forward-thinking precision and style. We pride ourselves on our end-to-end turnkey offerings and unprecedented expertise in the category, which allow us to provide full service solutions from the ground up. Whether it’s residential, commercial, or healthcare, Oben Build will optimize your investment from day one and deliver tangible results of the highest standards.


Your First-and-Only Stop

We proudly offer a full suite of integrated construction services. Beginning with deep extensive planning, our visionary project management team helps realize our clients’ concepts with creativity and integrity. Flexibility, accountability at every stage of construction, and unsurpassed quality are the hallmarks of an Oben Build project. Whether a property is a new build or a state-of-the-art renovation, we have the advantage of maintaining strict control from the foundation to the penthouse. By choosing Oben Build, you’ll benefit from improved design planning, along with tighter control over project budgets and life-cycle costs.   


Building Longevity

At Oben Build, we place strong focus on sustainability and durability. Not only does this help manage and mitigate ongoing operating costs, creating sustainable properties with built-in efficiencies means increased performance and lower operating costs – all of which add to profitability. And a durable property means long-term value for our clients, partners, and residents.