Residential Services

The Promise of Something Extraordinary

See your residential real estate project come to life with Oben Build’s turnkey development and construction management services. We specialize in customized, end-to-end advisory and management offerings that provide flexibility and accountability for residential properties, including condominium and multi-family rentals. With a focus on regulating costs, scheduling logistics, delivering consistent quality and safeguarding longevity, we are your third party partner in delivering value from concept to closure.

The Mid-Rise Residential Construction Experts

Mid-rise residential projects are not only our specialty– they are our passion. With several successfully completed mid-rise buildings throughout the GTA, we have become the foremost experts in the construction and development of boutique-style residences. We offer specialized know-how, discerning insights, and will be your trusted guide in meeting milestones on time and on budget to ensure your project is executed efficiently, seamlessly, and flawlessly.

Development Management and Advisory

Don’t allow the complexity of the development process dissuade you from starting the project of your dreams. With Oben Build at your side, we will help navigate and negotiate the entire development journey to bring clarity and confidence to your project. The Oben Build Development Advisory and Management team holds unmatched expertise, along with an impressive repertoire of successfully completed luxury residential projects. When looking to spark your project with maximum confidence, simply look to Oben Build.

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Construction Management

When it comes to building midrise properties, we set the industry standard in years of experience and expert knowledge. Whether you’re in pre-construction, construction, or post-construction, our dedicated experts can navigate approvals, coordinate end-to-end construction activities, and provide full liaison between the design team, owners, municipalities, and trade contractors. It’s convenient, turnkey and customizable management that results in impeccable delivery.

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