Residential Services

Development Management and Advisory

Full-Service Solutions From The Ground Up

With strict attention to the details, our Development Advisory and Management services  will optimize your investment from day one as we grow your project together. We offer the convenience of years of experience and meticulous planning, all gathered under one roof. Leave it to us to assemble the right industry experts, procure the right consultants for market insights, advise you on the best use for your site, and more.

With our network of resources, expertise, and organization, we empower every one of our clients to make the right decisions throughout the project life cycle. Our project management experts are true advisors that are simultaneously design-driven, uncompromising on quality, innovative, and forward-thinking. With a diversity of perspectives at our disposal, we minimize risk, maximize ROI, and drive value from initial strategy through design and construction. 

Customizing A Soup-to-Nuts Approach

Each of our clients face unique opportunities or challenges. By engaging our services  from the outset, we can help pinpoint opportunities that will further extract value from your investment. We can be engaged for the entire project development lifecycle – or just select parts. Either way, we ensure our clients understand the process at every step and this agile approach delivers bespoke results. Whether it’s cutting-edge design solutions or market analysis or regulatory approvals, Oben Build is your single stop in customizing a development plan that ensures the success of your project.

Development Advisory & Management Services

  • Land Acquisition Due Diligence and Feasibility Studies
  • Project Consultant Team Assembly and Management
  • Design Development consultation and coordination
  • Land Planning & Project Approvals
  • Financing Advisory
  • Market Analysis
  • Financial Pro Formas and Revenue Analysis
  • Manage Sales & Marketing process
  • Lease-Up Services
  • Project Accounting & Reporting
  • Contract Administration