Medical Services

Specialized Expertise for Specialized Healthcare

Oben Build has built up a sought-after reputation for creating state-of-the-art, hospital  grade specialty patient clinics. Our meticulous design build process applies the same knowledge and expertise that are the hallmarks of our residential and commercial arm into crafting premium healthcare spaces.

When brought in from the onset of a project, we are able to help navigate the many unique considerations and regulations required for healthcare construction. Whether it’s endoscopy or colonoscopy or other specialty medicine, you can entrust our team to strike the perfect balance of form and function. With Oben Build alongside every step, you gain peace of mind, and the bandwidth to focus on your practice.

One provider for all your needs

As your trusted builder, we act as a single point of contact for all your healthcare construction needs. Our turnkey services are maximized when engaged at the initiation of a project in order to shape development plans, arrange bank financing, and to begin communication with the appropriate governing and inspection bodies. Allow us to take your project from start to completion for a seamless design build.

Healthcare is constantly Evolving and so are we

Our expert team is invested in staying up-to-date with the latest news and knowledge in the healthcare category. Whether laying out blueprints or in mid-construction or setting up the facility’s operations, we constantly implement the latest insights, regulations, specialty equipment, along with their technical components and requirements. We will work hand-in-hand to get the right designs in place so you can launch your facility flawlessly.